Improve Your Vocabulary Fast

This article shows you how to improve your vocabulary quickly. If you are really serious about building your vocabulary fast, please also see Ultimate Vocabulary


Speak to Improve Your Word Power

Speaking is a major part of improving vocabulary. ‘I just wanted to, you know...’ and you start gesticulating to get your point across. Sometimes, words elude us. They just don’t pop up in our minds without a conscious effort. It happens when we don’t know or don’t use a word regularly. This is called having a limited vocabulary.

In order to build your vocabulary, you need to listen to and say new words. Think about it - you never forget to say ‘you’. This is because it’s such a common word that you say it at least a hundred times every day. That is why you don’t forget it. Using new words in your everyday speech is important to improve your vocabulary. The first step to learning how to say new words is to listen to their correct pronunciation. Vocabulary building software tools can assist you. Our favorite tool Ultimate Vocabulary has a "Listen" feature.


Take up a new word each week to improve your vocabulary

Why not learn a new word every Monday morning? For example: ‘insidious’. Check out its meaning and try to keep it in your memory. Whenever an opportunity arises, say it. An opportunity will surely arise within a week. That is why you have a whole week. Slowly, it will become embedded in your mind. You are closing up on gaps in your speech. This is a quick way to improve your vocabulary. Vocabulary software can also help you remember words such as the "Word Messenger" tool in Ultimate Vocabulary.

You would like to improve your vocabulary, but you are short of time. After all, there are a thousand things to keep in mind. What do you do then? The simplest way is to write down a word and its meaning then pin it up in a place where you will see it often. The trick is not to put it where you will see it TOO OFTEN otherwise you will get bored, cease to notice it or will feel like tearing it down. The bathroom or the kitchen is a good place. Try it. It is the easiest, the least expensive and least time consuming method of improving your vocabulary.