Expand Your Vocabulary!

A good vocabulary comes in handy. It makes you a powerful speaker and writer, and builds your confidence. People see you as a successful person and you then earn their respect. Despite this, very few people make the effort to expand their vocabulary.

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Expand your vocabulary quickly

Expanding vocabulary takes up a lot of time and many people are of the opinion that it's just too boring. Of course, studying a dictionary is boring. Nobody can do it for more than five minutes. But there are plenty of fun, easy ways to develop your vocabulary fast. An interesting and fun way to quickly increase your vocabulary is to use vocabulary building software such as Ultimate Vocabulary

Another fun way to expand vocabulary is to play. Playing word games like scrabble, word puzzles, mastermind, word search, pop word etc. is a lot of fun. It is even better if you have a partner. It is competitive and exciting. Only fifteen minutes of playing word games everyday will increase your vocabulary immensely - in just a month.

You can improve your vocabulary in as little as 5 minutes a day

Improving your vocabulary doesn’t necessary mean devoting long hours to the task. In the 21st century, spending just five minutes a day will get you there. You can get a new word each day in your email inbox. There are websites, which provide this free service. Dictionary.com is one of them. After signing up, they send you a difficult word through mail with meaning, origin, synonyms, example of use etc. right into your inbox! It saves your time searching for a new word or opening up a dictionary. Another way to quickly expand your vocabulary is to use vocabulary building software which can also be used for as little as 5 minutes per day. Increasing your vocabulary has never been this easy!

The most amazing way to boost your vocabulary is to talk about words. Use new words in conversation. Adjectives are a great way to express yourself strongly. Pick up a few adjectives and use them to either describe yourself or others. It is better if they describe people. That way you will get a chance to use them more frequently. Wouldn’t you love to call yourself amicable, mesmeric, discerning and sagacious? And would you like to call your irritable neighbor abominable, carping or morose? Using words in context will make you remember them instantly, giving you an effective shortcut to expand your vocabulary faster and more easily.

Students - Expand your vocabulary, too!

As a student, you know that you need to continuously build your vocabulary skills in order to get the best possible results on your college entrance exams. For ESL students, you might want to check out Time4Learning's online learning program. There are lots of helpful learning tools that teach fundamentals of reading such as phonics, and help with vocabulary acquisition.

We also recommend Time4Writing. Time4Writing offers 8 week long online writing courses, teaching all levels of student how to build their writing skills. Students benefit from one-on-one interaction with a certified teacher.