SAT Practice

Spring SATs and ACTs are looming, and has some great ways to turn your jitters into higher scores through word practice. Vocabulary is a big part of the SAT tests and any little bit of practice can help you cement words you don’t know well into your memory. That will help you get them [...]

Apostrophe or No Apostrophe? That is the Question.

Contractions, those bits of smashed together words, are tricky. Most contractions require an apostrophe to stand for the missing letters: don’t (do not), it’s (it is), or haven’t (have not). Some contractions don’t have an apostrophe: none (not one), shoulda (should have), wanna (want to), or outta (out of). Writing contractions can be difficult for [...]

Reading Strategies – Root Words

When students are learning to read, they encounter books filled with simple words, perfect for encouraging new readers with early success. Many of these consonant-vowel-consonant combinations simply need sounding out. Most kids will recognize these simple words when they hear them. Past this basic level of reading, however, readers begin to encounter words they don’t [...]

Got a Plan?

It’s a new school year. Are you ready? Successful teachers and learners make a plan to help them navigate a new school year. Here are three websites with great resources to help students and parents set and keep study and practice goals for the new year. Okay, you’ve discovered on your own that this [...]

Crack the Code: Decoding Unknown Words

Have you ever come across a word you’ve never seen before in a passage on a test? Or maybe you’re reading Shakespeare in English class, and you forgot to brush up on your 16th-century slang first. Figuring out the meaning of an unknown word in a sentence is like cracking a code. You may not [...]

Antonyms are Opposites

Happy/sad, interested/bored, serious/facetious – antonyms are opposites. Often, understanding the opposite of a word helps you understand the meaning of the original word better. has games that let you practice matching antonyms. Play Memory Match and turn over cards until you find an antonym pair. Play Line Match to match adjective antonyms or practice [...]

Snow Days

In our local area, schools are completely shut down today thanks to an unusually powerful and pervasive snowstorm that doesn’t often hit those of us living in the Southeastern States.  Knowing how slowly our local department of transportation is able to clear the roads after a storm like this one, I predict that schools will [...]

Introducing: Vocabulary and Spelling City!!

We are excited to announce an exciting update to our sister-site:  Although it will be keeping the same URL, Spelling City has expanded to become Vocabulary and Spelling City!! Vocabulary and SpellingCity not only features sentences for each of their  42,000+ words, they also now feature vocabulary content, including definitions, parts of speech, synonyms [...]