The Vocabulary of the Civil Rights Movement

If you are a teacher looking for classroom extensions for a study on Martin Luther King Jr. or the Civil Rights movement, you may want to check out some of the great spelling lists at SpellingCity.© Here are some examples of what you may find there… Civil Rights Martin Luther King, Jr. Rosa Parks African [...]

Celebrating Geography Awareness Week

Image via Wikipedia The third week of November is Geography Awareness Week. This was a week established in 1987 by President Ronald Reagan to promote geographic education in public schools.  Geography, and particularly globalization, are important subjects of focus in an increasingly small world. Teachers who are looking for good geography activities and games to [...]

Religious Vocabulary

The topics used in the games at cover a wide variety of subjects and curriculum areas. Several of the topics offered in the games at are related to religion.  If you are playing either Match Game, Quiz Game, Unscramble, Word Search, Crossword Puzzle, or Hang Mouse, you can choose any of the following [...]

Building Vocabulary Related to the Nobel Prize

If you are a classroom teacher or homeschooler, you may be discussing the Nobel Prizes today.  They have been in the news quite a lot in recent days, and today especially due to President Obama being the latest recipient of one of the honors. There are Nobel prizes in each of the following disciplines: physics, [...]

Its the Vocabulary, Stupid!

Yes, the economy has been at the top of our news, radio, and web broadcasts for quite a while now.  Economic terms are being thrown around left and right, and at lightning speed.  Is any of it going over your head, or your students’ heads? This economic crisis might not be quite so scary if [...]

GED Preparation

The General Education Development (GED) exams is an equivalency test for those who have been unable to receive an official high school diploma, but wish to show their proficiency of high school skills and knowledge. Last year, almost 900,000 people in the United States took the GED test in hopes of improving their choices for [...]