Can Your Television Set Build Vocabulary?

It can if it is tuned to PBS this fall!  In an exciting development, The Public Broadcasting Service is bringing Susan Meddaugh’s "Martha" book series to life in order to build young children’s vocabulary skills.  In the popular books, Martha the dog swallows some Alphabet Soup and begins to speak, and hilarious hijinks ensue. In [...]

Building Vocabulary For Life – Part Two

In general, a child’s reading strengths are directly related to his vocabulary. Usually, the more words a child recognizes in speech, the more she will be able to readily recognize in writing. This assertion sets the stage for the incredible importance of creating an environment for children where words are of key value. BABIES Some [...]

Vocabulary Instruction in Early Learning

When we look back at our own vocabulary instruction, we probably remember vocabulary words highlighted in bold in our social studies books, or occasionally built into our language arts lessons in later elementary school.  What we most likely do not recollect is specific vocabulary instruction in preschool or early elementary.  Most of our gains in [...]