Got Context?

What in the world does that mean? Context is one of the many skills readers use to figure out the meaning of unknown words. The words and sentences that surround an unknown word, its context, can help us understand a word’s meaning. Context can also help readers build a more complex understanding of a word’s [...]

Building Vocabulary with Homophone Games

Do you have a particular homophone weakness?  You know…a pair of words that you can’t ever seem to remember which one to use when??  Mine is most definitely the homophone pair hangar and hanger.  I am NEVER sure which one holds clothes and which one holds airplanes.  Maybe you have more than one set that [...]

Teacher Resource: Grade Level Vocabulary Games

  Most of the games at are broken up into categories, so that parents, teachers, and students have an easy way to pick and choose what words they would like to focus on. An especially helpful category for teachers (and homeschoolers) is the Grade Level lists.  The following grade level categories are included in [...]

Building Vocabulary For Life – Part Four

Middle school…the time of crushes, embarrassments, and growth spurts.  The time between childhood and adulthood, between dependence and independence.  It is a time of growth — physically, socially, emotionally, and educationally.  It is also a time when communication is key and a strong vocabulary becomes more important than ever. In the middle grades, students are [...]